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Visualizing Electromagnetic Noise:
Shin-Yokohama Lab

Equipped with anechoic chambers, we visualize
unwanted noise in automotive PCBs.


Leveraging the powers of
PCB Design + Simulation + Verifiable Measurements
to support product development



EMC Lab Equipment

Emission Evaluation and Diagnosis
Conducted emissions Level measurement (current clamp, LISN, terminal voltage, spectrum analyzer 1)
Noise source search (near-magnetic field scanner, spectrum analyzer 2)
Common-mode voltage measurement (light-insulated probe, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer)
Radiated emissions Level measurement (antenna 1, antenna 2, spectrum analyzer)
Wave source examination (directional antenna, spectrum analyzer 1)
Operation check, waveform observation (differential probe, oscilloscope)


Immunity Evaluation and Diagnosis
Conducted immunity BCI level measurement (injection probes, integrated amplifier SG)
Direct pin voltage measurement (light-insulated probe, integrated amplifier SG)
Noise intrusion route examination (injection probes, TG spectrum analyzer, scanner)
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) testing ESD level measurement (ESD tester)
Direct pin voltage measurement (light-insulated probe, ESD tester)


Semiconductor Device Evaluation
IC-level testing
(BISS complicance)
VDE Standard (jig boards, spectrum analyzer)
DPI test (jig boards, integrated amplifier SG)


Spectrum analyzer 1 Keysight N9010A ~26.5GHz
Spectrum analyzer 2 Keysight N9000B ~7.5GHz, TG
Antenna 1 Aaronia 20100E
Antenna 2 Aaronia MDF960X (magnetic field)
Antenna 3 Aaronia 30100 (for observation)
Oscilloscope Tektronix MD04104C Spectrum Analyzer Opt
Light-insulated probe Tektronix TIVH08
Integrated amplifier SG TESEQ NSG 4070C-40
Injection probe FCC F-140
ESD tester  Noise research lab ESS-S3011
Vector signal generator Rohde & Schwarz SMBV100B
Functional radio communication tester Rohde & Schwarz CMW-PS291
Isotropic field probe NARDA
Irradiation antenna teseq TEM horn
BCI probe FCC F-150-1
Bulk current injection probe fixtures FCC BCICF-150-1
BCI probe FCC F-150-2
Bulk current injection probe fixtures FCC BCICF-150-2
Development tool National Instruments LabVIEW Professional
Option National Instruments (optGPIB)
3D EMC Noice Scanner WM9500
Current probe ETS-Lindgren Model 94111-1



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