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About UTI


UTI is an Engineering Service Provider (ESP)
driven by the motto "Right The First Time Design."
We provide seamless services, specialing in the proposal,
analysis, design, and evaluation stages of product development.


Our services are all-encompassing.
From ultrahigh-speed interface response in LSI systems,
noise countermeasures, and proposals for product size reductions,
we guarantee quicker, more effective product development.


Our achievements span multiple industries:
autonomous driving systems, advanced medical appliances,
aerospace production, and digital entertainment.



Company Summary

Company Name

Ultimate Technologies Inc.


February 2000

Capital Stocks

60,000,000 JPY

Executive Board

CEO Satoshi Utsumi

Director  Keiji Kobayashi

Director Atsushi Nakamura

Director Harumi Murakami

Auditor Toru Kunizane

Company Operations

Electronics design, manufacturing, and evaluation,

Transmission line power and signal integrity, noise, and thermal simulations

Printed circuit board design/simulation and auxillary software development

Noise and thermal consulting

Testing for automotive electronics

Company History

Feb 2000

Ultimate Technologies Incorporated (UTI) was established.

Started operations in high-speed signal simulation using board design and simulation technologies.

Aug 2001

Ultimate Technologies Asia Sdn.Bhd. (UTA) was established as an overseas affiliate in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Certified MSC Status Company by the Malaysian government and started operations in simulation.

Jan 2003

Started operations in design-simulation between Japan and Malaysia branches

to meet demands of clients developing next-generation DTV and DVDs.

Dec 2010

Started implementation of higher accuracy simulations using HSPICE

to assist clients with the development of next-generation system LSI.

May 2012

Adopted HFSS to more accurately analyze crosstalk and SSN.

July 2015

The company's simulation tool development based on FDTD was recognized

by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry in its "Specific Research and Development Plans."

Sept 2013

Started thermal fluid simulation using Icepak for component layout and electrically induced heat.

Started use of multi-core HFSS. (3-D crosstalk simulation)

July 2015

The company's research and development was selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry as a

"Strategic Foundational Technology Improvemnet Support Operation."

Aug 2017

Opened the Nakamura Lab and started providing measurements

and solutions to EMC issues (via simulation).

Mar 2019

Adopted ANSYS Discovery. Realized the real-time visualization

of heat-related issues and a  concurrent design/simulation environment

May 2019

Opened the Shin-Yokohama Lab, equipped with an experimental

anechoic chamber and other equipment intended to visualize unwanted noise.

June 2019

Selected for contract research and development by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication

for its project "Advanced Analysis and Noise Control of Unwanted Radio Wave Interference for 5G." 

July 2019

Adopted the Cadence Sigrity Family.

Sept 2019

The company's capital stock grew to 60,000,000 JPY.

Received a 14.9% investment from NEXTY Electronics Corp.

Key Members

Atsushi Nakamura

Thermal / Semiconductors

● Background

Tokyo Institute of Technology, School of Engineering: Bachelors
IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan: Committee Member (1994- , 2006 General Chair)
The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging: Electromagnetic Characterstic Technology: Committee Member
IEEJ Specialized Committee for Digital Noise Transport Mechanism Surveyance: Committee Member
Hitachi, Ltd.: Technology Training Instructor
1982 - Hitachi, Ltd., Division for Semiconductors (Musashi Factory)
1992 - The Gordon Institute (MA, USA): Masters
            Mounted electrical characteristics (SI, PI, EMC) design technology
            Hitachi and Renesas: Design of thermal dissipation design technology.
2013 - UTI: Equipment-level mounted electrical property optimization and
     thermal dissipation charactersitics for PCB design.

● Publications

"Thermal Design and Numerical Simulation," Ohmsha, Ltd. (Japanese) 
"Everything on Leading Semiconductor Package Technology - Illustrated," Semiconductor and New Technology Research Group (Japanese)

Takashi Yajima

Schematic Design

● Background

Meiji University, The Graduate School of Science and Engineering:
    Masters of Electrical Engineering
1998 - Toshiba Corp.:
              Development and design of digital broadcast receivers
              in video equipment
              Schematic design, EMC evaluation, and the design of systems including
              various SoCs
2016 - Toshiba Visual Solutions Corp.:
              Design of commercial display screen and development
              of signage systems
2019 - UTI: Schematic design



Hideki Osaka

High-Speed Signals

● Background

Fukui University, School of Engineering: Masters
Okayama University, School of Engineering: PhD (semiconductor EMC models)
IEEE EMCS Japan Chapter: Manager (2010-2013)
IEICE EMCJ: Manager (2015-16)
IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan: Committee Member (2010-2015)
IEICE / OSJ Member
1988 - Hitachi, Ltd.
             High-speed digital signals in PC/server transmissions,
             memory bus interfaces, power integrity,
             research and development on EMC
2008 - Hitachi Institute of Industrial Science, Surface-Mounting Research Lab: Lab Head
2010 - Hitachi Schematic System Department: Department Head
2016 - Hitachi Automotive Systems:
      Managed automotive mmWave radar development
2019 - UTI: Supervisor of high-speed signal design



Schematic Editor Tools
Products Maker
CR-8000 Design Gateway Zuken
CR-5000 System Designer Zuken
OrCAD Capture Cadence
Design Capture Mentor Graphics


Board Design Tools
Products Maker
CR-8000 Design Force Zuken
CR-5000 Board Designer Zuken
Cadence SiP Layout Cadence
Cadence OrbitIO Cadence
Allegro PCB Cadence
Xpedition Enterprise VX Mentor Graphics


Analysis Tools
Products Maker
HSPICE Synopsys
Designer ANSYS
Icepak ANSYS
Discovery Live ANSYS
Mechanical Premium ANSYS
ADS momentum Keysight
Siglity Family Cadence


3D Mechanical Tools
Products Maker
Design Modeler ANSYS
Ansys SpaceClaim ANSYS
Creo PTC


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EMC Lab Equipment



Nagano, Japan

HQ / Design&Simulations / R&D


Yokohama, Japan

Measurements / R&D


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Nagano, Japan  (HQ・Design & Simulations・R&D)

Head Office

Ultimate Technologies Incorporated
TS Building 1F
1-15-30 Minamichitose Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture
380-0823 Japan
TEL: 026-267-7256


Yokohama, Japan (Measurements・R&D・EMC Lab)

Shin-Yokohama EMC Lab

Zuken Shin-Yokohama Building 1F
3-1-1 Shin-Yokohama Kohoku Ward
Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
222-0033 Japan
TEL: 045-620-0818
See more about our EMC Lab


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Simulations)

Ultimate Technologies Asia Sdn. Bhd.

Suite 20-14, Level 20, GTower, 199 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


UTA (Overseas Branch)

Since 2001, Ultimate Technologies Asia (UTA) Sdn. Bhd, our overseas affiliate, has stood at the heart of Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur. The branch has sustained its progress as a Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC company, a concept promoted by the national government.
    Meanwhile, UTA maintains its local presence, attracting some of the brightest minds in Malaysia with undergraduate and graduate education in electrical and electronics engineering. Since its establishment, the branch has complemented UTI's PCB design with its advanced electromagnetic field simulators.
    As the local staff are fluent in both English and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), they provide technical support, material procurement, and high quality information to clients operating in East Asia.

The Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status guarantees preferential treatment to enterprises whose aims and activities align with those of the national government: promoting Malaysia's Digital Economy. While Japanese companies comprise less than 1% of the overall participation in this public endeavor, it provides a platform for critical partnerships to emerge between the over 200 companies involved from Asia, Europe, and the United States.
    There is, moreover, a large portion of Malaysia's intellectual workforce that aspires to work at MSC companies. Coupled with the government's employee referal system, this honorable status empowers us with the ability to build a high-quality team.



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